Bindling is a technique of ecstasy wherein the individual effortlessly releases excess weight and permanently maintains desired bodily form simply by creating the powerful psychospiritual condition of self-mastery.

By deliberately creating the condition of self-mastery, the individual bypasses a surface-level focus on food content and goes directly to the heart of the matter within the deeper levels of the psyche.

The psychospiritual condition of self-mastery is absolutely the most powerful and effective ingredient in the effortless releasing of excess weight and the permanent maintenance of desired bodily form.

The condition of self-mastery operates within the deeper levels of the psyche and produces profound, pervasive ripple effects in the life of the individual that go far beyond the original desired outcome. Self-mastery empowers the individual to get and do all things the individual wishes to get and do. The psychospiritual condition of self-mastery is the fountainhead of all achievements in life.

Bindling is an especially powerful way of producing the condition of self-mastery because of the fact that the condition is produced within the domain of diet. Diet is the most basic biological process required for the survival of the organism over which the individual is able to deliberately exert choice.

There are so many choices and options available to the individual in the domain of diet, a domain that is inextricably linked to the basic survival of the individual as a living organism.

By bindling, the individual is able to make deliberate choices and to follow through with those choices in this reasonably challenging domain, and to thereby enter into the immensely powerful condition of self-mastery.

The individual who bindles creates the condition of self- mastery not by coming up with the perfect combination of foods, but rather, simply, by following through with whatever it is that was planned the day before, knowing that the individual had full freedom to put whatever was desired (of available foods) on the menu for the day.

As the condition of self-mastery gains strength and momentum, the bindling process refines itself and the desired outcome begins to materialize. This is something that happens on its own; it is an occurrence that is witnessed by the individual.

The individual simply focuses on the innately ecstatic process of creating the condition of self-mastery in a relaxed, effortless manner. No direct pressure is placed on the self to release the excess weight and maintain the desired bodily form. The creative process takes care of this.

The individual who bindles develops a deep, profound, unflinching discipline that is paradoxically effortless because it is motivated by ecstasy and is energized by ecstasy on an ongoing basis.

Actions that are ecstatic feel as if they are happening on their own, and require no pushing or pulling of the self. They are like blinking, taking a deep breath, or turning in one’s sleep—they just kind of happen on their own.

The key to facilitating this sort of paradoxically effortless, ecstatic discipline in the bindling process is to always keep the bar ridiculously low, to always make sure it is well within the comfort zone of the individual to set a particular plan and follow through with it. This is all that is required of the individual. The rest is taken care of by the creative process.