When the individual participates in the ritual of bindling, the individual turns over the task of effortlessly releasing excess weight and permanently maintaining desired bodily form to the creative process as it is manifested in the deeper levels of the psyche.

Then, one day the individual wakes up and discovers that the body has been transformed.

In the process of effortlessly releasing excess weight, the individual experiences the desired transformation in a series of stages that the individual is able to demarcate according to the specific days on which the individual wakes up and discovers specific physical evidence of the creative process having done its work in bringing the desired outcome one step closer to its full materialization.

The periodic occurrence of such days is deeply rewarding to the individual, and reinforces and energizes the ongoing daily bindling process.

This ongoing process continues along, and then one day the individual wakes up and discovers that the desired outcome, the individual’s desired bodily form, has been delivered.